Our Services

At Elif Furniture, we do just one thing; adding turkish splendor to your home – But in various ways.

Premium Materials

We only use premium materials to get the job done

Water-Free Woods

Making sure your piece stay with you for years is a thing for us.

Custom Designs

All our designs are custom made and hard to see somewhere elses


Kitchen Set

From the sleek countertops that invite creativity to flourish to the spacious cabinets that effortlessly organize your culinary essentials, every component has been thoughtfully curated to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece of form and function.


Bathroom Set

Elevate your daily routine with pieces meticulously crafted to enhance your bathroom experience. From the seamless blend of wood and metal in the vanity, exuding timeless beauty and durability, to the meticulously designed storage solutions that keep your essentials organized and accessible, every element in this collection embodies both practicality and aesthetic allure



Discover the epitome of organization and elegance with our exceptional wardrobe and walk-in closet solutions. Crafted with meticulous precision, our wardrobe selection combines functionality and style, offering a tailored storage experience that caters to your unique needs.



Our diverse range of doors brings style and functionality to the forefront of your space. From the grandeur of our intricately carved wooden doors that evoke timeless elegance to the sleek modernity of our glass doors that allow natural light to dance through, each entryway becomes a statement piece.



While our showcased collection stands as a testament to our craftsmanship, we invite you to explore the breadth of our creativity. Beyond the allure of kitchen sets and bathroom sanctuaries and others, we are your destination for a myriad of furniture pieces that redefine your living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are responses to some of the questions our customers have been asking

Where is your showroom?

Where are on the Mayfair road, East Aiport, Accra. KIndly check our contact page for direction. You can also contact us for directon as well.

What are you services?

We do almost everything furniture (Wood). We do doors, kitchen sets, bathroom sets, custom designs, cabinets, walk in closets. Alot, we can't mension. Is there any project you need our help on? Kindly contact us.

What materials do you use?

With materials, we mostly get the accessories and other materials such as the paints, hidges, locks from Turkey. We also use water-free woods from Kumasi. For our kitchens, we use MDFs, cheapboards, Lake, wood.

What are you terms of production?

We always want to make sure we understand exactly what you want before we go into production just tomake sure we deliver what you want. We ask for sample photos of the jobs you need us to get done, we show you sample of what we have done. Then we draw what we are proposing for you to appove before go into production.

What about your payment terms?

After we agreed on what is needed to get done, you make an initial deposit of 70% of the total amount. After work is ready, you come inspect to make sure everything is just as you want if. Then you colpmete the rest 30% before we go to install.

Is there anything else we need to know of?

There is more we can explain. Kindly fill the contact us form with all your inquiry.

Have something to ask us?

Kindly fill the form to with your enquiry.